Mistress - Greatest Wife

A Singapore millionaire, LKA , secretly maintained a mistress in Hong Kong, bought a posh sea view apartment (in his own name) for her to live in, plus gave her a monthly allowance of US$5,000.
The house cost him about US$700,000 in 2005. The affair lasted for 5 years. He sold the house this year for $3.8 million, after they broke up.
A quick calculation shows that after 5 years of a fling with the woman, he still had a net gain of $2.8 million plus six years of FREE SEX.
When his wife found out about this, he offers the $2.8 million to her. But she was still not happy;  she was very mad at him and gave him a big mouthful...
She yelled at him at the top of her voice and said:
Why the hell didn't you keep TWO MISTRESSES !!!!

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