Fastest way to Learn Riding A Horse

This man asked his girlfriend if she would lke to go horseback riding but she said she didn't know how to ride a horse.
He said knew of a really tame horse and he would help her.
They got to the horse and she said," I don't think I want to do this". He told her again that it was a very tame horse and wouldn't hurt her. He helped her get on the horse, and told her to hold on. The horse started walking and she told him again that she didn't want to do it.
"It won't hurt you", he said.... and the horse began to trot. She grabbed her head and said," let me off this thing". He told her to hold on..and the horse began running. She ended up falling off the horse... her head was banging around and she was screaming.
They say she would have died if the WalMart manager hadn't come out and unplugged it.

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