Malaysian And Cantonese

One day, one Mat Salleh from USA arrived in Subang Airport. After he checked out from the Customs, he felt that he wanted to go to the toilet, so he looked for a toilet.
When he found the toilet, there was an old lady sitting in front of the toilet. When he was about to enter the toilet, the old lady stopped him and said forty cents in Cantonese (Say Kok), the Mat Salleh just wonder why in Malaysia, they have to "see the cock" (forty cents in Cantonese) before entering the toilet.
So he said "No", but the old lady insisted. Since he got no choice, he took out his cock and showed to her. The old lady said "no, no, no, Duit, Duit"  but the Mat Salleh misunderstood again because he thought she said "DO IT, DO IT."
So, he asked "NOW, HERE?"
The old lady just reply "YES, YES" because she does not understand English.
The Mat Salleh thought she agreed to have sex with him, so he strip up the old lady and make love to her, but the old lady was screaming and said "SAKIT, SAKIT" (sick, sick)  and again he thought is "suck it, suck it" so he said "OK, I will suck it for you" and take the breast and sucked.
 The old lady again screamed "Oh, TUHAN!" . (Oh God)
The Mat Salleh misunderstood again. "Too HARD, OK sweet heart, I will be gentle a bit, OK?" the Mat Salleh replied.
Suddenly the Security Office walked by, and the old lady was asking for help, "TOLONG, TOLONG, ENCIK." . (help, help, sir)
But on the other hand, the Mat Salleh replied "Not too long, just about 6 inches only."

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