The Clever Indian Barber

While hair cutting, Government Employed Barber, asked PM Najib, "What’s this Swiss Bank issue?”

Najib shouted, “YOU are cutting hair or making inquiry?” Barber: "Sorry Sir, I just simply asked."

Next day, while cutting the hair, he asked DPM, “Sir, what’s this Black money issue?’’
DPM shouted, ‘’Why do you ask me this question?’’
Barber: ‘’Sorry Sir, just simply asked you."

Next day, MACC interrogated the Barber, ‘’Are you an agent of PKR?"
Barber: "No, Sir."
CBI: "Are you the agent of Anna?"
Barber: "No Sir." MACC: "Then while cutting the hair, why you ask Ministers about Swiss Bank and Black money issues?"

Barber: "Sir, the reason is, when I ask about Swiss Bank or Black money, the Ministers’ hair stands up straight. And that helps me to cut their hair easily!"

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