How To Pick Up Chicks

So there's this horse and this chicken living on a farm. one day,  the chicken hears the horse yelling
The chicken, thinking quickly, steals some rope and the farmers bmw and uses them to haul the horse out of the quicksand.
The horse, being  eternally grateful and whatnot, vows to repay the chicken some day.

A few days later, the horse hears the chicken screaming
"HELP, I'M STUCK IN SOME QUICKSAND!!" the horse, having been in the same situation, races for the bmw, only to find that the farmer has taken it out for a spin.
He runs to the quicksand, and decides that there is only one way to repay his debt to the chicken. he straddles the quicksand pool, and tells  the chicken to grab onto his genitalia. the chicken does, and the horse
swings the chicken to safety. know what the moral of the story is?

When you're hung like a horse, you don't need a bmw to pick up chicks

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