How To End Relationships with American Soldier

An american soldier who was stationed in Afghanistan got a letter from his girlfriend back in the states. The letter read:

Dear Raymond

I'm sorry, but I dont want to continue our relationship. The distance between  us is too far. Besides, I have to admit that I have been cheating on you twice since you left. It's over, end of story.

Would you please send back the photo of me I gave you?



The soldier looked at the letter with a blank expression in his face.
He then walked around amongst his fellow brothers in arms and collected  every picture of wifes, sisters, girfriends, exgf's, cousins etc. he could get his hands on.

He placed all the photos in an envelope together with the picture of  Wendy. Totally it was 57 pictures.
He also placed a note in the letter saying:

Dear Wendy
I'm sorry, but I have forgotten who you are. Please pick out your photo and send back the rest.

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