The Most Wanted Secret How To Be A Great Leader

This is definitely the best joke of the day. Try not to laugh too loud in the office!!!!

Singaporeans will love this one..

General Musharraf, Dr Mahathir, Gloria Arroyo & Lee Kuan Yew were sitting in a train.
The train goes through a tunnel and it gets completely dark for the next 8 seconds. Suddenly there is a loud kissing sound and then a slap!
The train comes out of the tunnel.
Arroyo and Musharraf are seated across each other, both looking perplexed.
Mahathir, seated across LKY, is bent over holding his face, which is very red from an apparent big slap. 
All of them remain diplomatic and nobody says anything.

Musharraf is thinking : ' These Malaysians are all crazy about Arroyo.   Mahathir must have tried to kiss her in the tunnel.  Very proper that she slapped him ! '

Arroyo is thinking : ' Mahathir must have moved to kiss me, but kissed Musharraf instead and got slapped. '

Mahathir is thinking : ' Damn it, Musharraf must have tried to kiss Arroyo ; she thought it was me and slapped me instead. Shit !! '

Lee Kuan Yew is thinking : ' If this train goes through one more tunnel, I can make another kissing sound and slap Mahathir again !! '

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